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Heroes Magazine Vol. 1 #4



- "The Coming of the Vikings: A Preview of the Next RuneQuest Product" by Greg Stafford
- "More Accessories for Agents: The Newest Devices from Q Division" by Greg Gordon
- "Pirates, Buccaneers & Highwaymen for Lords of Creation Dueling Rules" by Tom Modvay
- "The Design of Octopussy" by Neil Randall
- "Gods of Glorantha: Orlanth, Hykim & Mikyh" (uncredited)
- "The Wolfrunners: A RuneQuest Scenario" by Sandy Petersen
- "Galactic Freedom: It's What the Emperor Wants, Doesn't He?" (Freedom in the Galaxy boardgame) by Charles E. Duke
- "Science Fiction for the Wargamer" AH's Freedom in the Galaxy" by Nicky Palmer
- "A Primer for Combat" (James Bond 007) by Gerry Klug
- "Equal Time for Lycanthropes" by Quentin Long
- "To Challenge the WIzard's Quest" (Wizard's Quest boardgame) by Thomas Boeche
- "Gloranthan Pottery: First Wane" (uncredited)

Manufacturer: Avalon Hill
Manufacturer SKU: HM104
Dragons Trove ID: 8555
Type: Magazine
Condition: Very Good/Near Mint
Condition Note: Has staple rust.

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