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Heroes Magazine Vol. 1 #3



- "Accessories for Agents: The Newest Devices from Q Division" by Greg Gordon
- "Alienating Yourself--Seven Science Fiction Races for Lords of Creation: Part Two" by Tom Moldvay
- "Creepy Critters: Insects for RuneQuest" by Sandy Petersen
- "James Bond 007: The History of the Game" by Gerry Klug
- "Careful Character Generation in Powers & Perils" by Richard L. Snider
- "Musketeers, Swashbucklers & Crimson Pirates: Dueling Rules for Lords of Creation" by Tom Moldvay
- "Adventures in the Forest Primeval: Exploring the Mystic Wood" by Matthew Pirrone
- "Weapon Masters of the Western Lands" by Richard L. Snider and David Kuijt
- "A Ship for RuneQuest: Waertagi Fastship" by Greg Stafford
- "Too Many Monsters" by Craig Barrett
- "How to S.C.I.M Successfully" (Review of S.C.I.M.M.A.R.S. computer game) by David Kuijt
- "Gaming My Way" by Quentin Long
- "What's What & Where's Where in Glorantha" by Steve List
- "Worldview: Republican Fallacies" by Hal Heydt

Manufacturer: Avalon Hill
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Type: Magazine
Condition: Near Mint
Condition Note: Minor wear.

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