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Heroes Magazine Vol. 1 #2



- "The Making of Goldfinger, the Roleplaying Adventure" by Robert Kern
- "Alienating Yourself: Science Fiction Races for Lords of Creation: Part One" by Tom Moldvay
- "History of the Lunar Empire, Part Two: Skyburn and the Coming of the Conquering Daughter" by Greg Stafford
- "Of Hordes and Heroes: The Personalities of Elric" by Glenn Rahman
- "The White Wolf's Revenge: More Elric Scenarios" by Jeffrey K. Seiken
- "Doom Manor" by Richard L. Snider
- "What Does a Hero Want: A Selection of Artile Topics for Heroes Magazine" by Heroes staff
- "War Fleets of Glorantha: Or, Cement Ships and Leafy Sails" by Greg Stafford
- "Hero at Work: James Bond 007" by Neil Randall
- "Once More Against the Hun" by David Kuijt

Manufacturer: Avalon Hill
Manufacturer SKU: HM102
Dragons Trove ID: 8556
Type: Magazine
Condition: Near Mint
Condition Note: None

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