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Harnmaster Barbarians

Barbarians of Harn...The deep forests of Harn are home to eighteen tribal nations. Although civilized Harnians look down on them as backward, most tribesmen have more freedom and leisure time than manorial peasants. However, much of that spare time must be spent sharpening spears and fletching arrows because the tribal wilderness is a more dangerous place than the manor. Barbarians: An overview of tribal culture, economics, and religion. A guide to HarnMaster character generation for tribal characters is also included. Tribal Nations: A separate article for each of the eighteen tribal nations. Each article includes a tribal map, occupations, weapons and armour data, history, culture, and specific shaman rituals.
Manufacturer: Columbia Games
Manufacturer SKU: 4761
Dragons Trove ID: 10277
Type: Supplement
ISBN/UPC: 0920711553
Condition: Near Mint
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