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Hackmaster GameMaster's Guide


Tired of all those namby-pamby game systems that eviscerate and emasculate the powers and privileges of being GM? Looking for a system that's new and exciting, but feels so familiar, you'll swear you've played it before? Look no further! In a world where there is no shortage of mediocre games, you've stumbled across the Arkenstone of the dragon's hoard. Furthermore, if you've ever played a fantasy role-playing game before based on a d20 combat roll and armor class, you already know how to play this game! And while this is the 4th edition of the Hackmaster game, in another time, another edition or an alternate universe, this could easily have been called "3E". It's the 1st/2nd edition with new crunchy bits and a whole lot of fresh attitude. Playing this game will make you feel like you did when you first started role playing. Excited. Filled with wonder. And just a bit nervous.

Manufacturer: Kenzer and Company
Manufacturer SKU: 2101
Dragons Trove ID: 8033
Type: Core Book
ISBN/UPC: 9781889182377
Condition: Near Mint
Condition Note: Minor corner and edge wear to cover. Coupons are present.

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