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Hacklopedia of Beasts Vol. 4


The Hacklopedia of Beasts: This comprehensive set of reference manuals is a must for HackMaster GMs. In this volume, terrifying monster whose names begin with the letters Ho-Me are described in sometimes-frightening scientific detail. Every monster in the Fourth Edition Hacklopedia has been revised, edited, and updated and they have had their HackFactors beefed up to bring them in line with the rest of the game. Among other features, readers will learn about monster social structures, activity cycles, diets, attack modes (including special attacks), morale and even how to make the most of their kills by salvaging potentially valuable monster remains.

Nowdays the quick march of events and the rapidity of new discoveries the expansion of human activity and the additions of arcane learning require a work such as the Hacklopedia of Beast. This book provides a detailed list of creatures both large and small from the flora and fauna of Garweeze Wurld and beyond.

Manufacturer: Kenzer and Company
Manufacturer SKU: 2004
Dragons Trove ID: 11026
Type: Supplement
ISBN/UPC: 1889182419
Condition: New
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