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GURPS Warriors


Mighty barbarians hacking away with massive broadswords and battle-weary grunts with cordite-stung eyes come to life! GURPS Warriors expands upon the template system introduced by GURPS guru Sean "Dr. Kromm" Punch in GURPS Wizards so you can get on with the game! Inside you'll find 29 warrior archetypes, along with templates and design advice allowing you to quickly and efficiently recruit your new warrior. Templates include . . . Soldiers from all time periods -- past, present, and future -- such as the aviator, cavalryman, commando, heavy foot soldier, marine, and rifleman . . . Warriors from the pages of history and literature, including the barbarian, berserker, gunslinger, holy warrior, martial artist, and swordsman . . . Specialist warriors like the archer, engineer, guard, guerrilla, sharpshooter, and scout . . . Highly trained operators of weapons of war, such as artillerist, Warriors also provides many templates suitable for use by the GM as is to represent NPC soldiers, mercenaries, or guards. Each template comes with four original characters, drawn from a wide range of settings, giving you 116 ready-to-use sample characters as well as historical background and information on the technology and tactics that helped shape many of these professions, to help you better detail these characters.

Manufacturer: Steve Jackson Games
Manufacturer SKU: 6085
Dragons Trove ID: 6042
Type: Supplement
ISBN/UPC: 1556343930
Condition: Near Mint
Condition Note: None

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