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GURPS Voodoo


Before the dawn of history, mankind pierced the veil between the material world and ... something else. Perhaps one person in hundred could perceive a little more than the rest. One in thousands gained true power. Some of these Initiates used their supernatural talents to aid their people. Others became predators, or rulers, or the secret power behind rulers.

"When the Europeans crossed the Atlantic to conquer the Americas, their Initiates – the ancient Lodges – came with them, crushing the natives' mystic defenders. But a new force arose. From Initiates among African slaves, from surviving native shamans, from knowledge stolen from the Lodges themselves, Voodoo was born – a powerful magical religion, whose gods, the loas, actually possess, or "ride," their followers.

"For centuries, the Voodoo Initiates and the Brethren of the Lodges have waged their invisible war. Now both sides realize that they face an even greater enemy: the Corruptors, cannibal spirits that feed on the misery of mankind.

Manufacturer: Steve Jackson Games
Manufacturer SKU: 6071
Dragons Trove ID: 6307
Type: Supplement
ISBN/UPC: 9781556343001
Condition: Very Good/Near Mint
Condition Note: Some corner wear, price tag on back cover.

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