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Fudge RPG 1st Edition


Fudge is a word-based roleplaying game customizable (by design) to fit any genre or play style. The 10th Anniversary Edition includes everything from the core Fudge rules, plus a whole lot more! We collected together extensive lists of character traits for character creation, alternative rules (including a vehicle design system, dogfighting, cybernetics, netrunning, superheroes, and advice on running Fudge) and a whole lot more!

Requirements: Fudge is recommended for experienced gamemasters but is easy enough for first-time roleplayers and flexible enough for experienced gamers.

Support: Fudge dice are not required but are recommended. Gamemastering Secrets presents a lot of advice for gamemasters of any system. Terra Incognita is a complete Fudge game set in the Victorian/Pulp genre. A Magical Medley offers six different magic systems and a whole lot more. Another Fine Mess serves as a great stand-alone adventure and as a good introduction to Fudge (with “All the Rules You Need to Know”). There are several other publishers also using the Fudge system in their products. This makes for a diverse range of Fudge games (including Now Playing! from Carnivore Games and The Collectors from Rogue Publishing).

Selling Points:

  • Easy to play (the word-based system and simple game mechanic to resolve actions let you concentrate on the story rather than the rules)
  • Skill-driven (choose broadly defined skill groups or detailed individual skills – or anything in between)
  • Flexible (play any style from gritty realism to legendary heroics and create any character in any genre – even bunnies!)
  • Customizable:
    • Choose your own attributes, gifts, faults, and skills
    • Play “subjectively” (just “fudging” it) or “objectively”
    • Use the rules you like best, they’re all optional
    • Choose your favorite dice techniques, or play diceless
    • Incorporate any of the many available optional rules, techniques, and add-ons (including magic systems and the like) – or create your own!
Manufacturer: Grey Ghost Press Inc.
Manufacturer SKU: 1001
Dragons Trove ID: 7157
Type: Core Book
ISBN/UPC: 1887154000
Condition: Near Mint
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