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Forsaken Rites

Thousands have felt the touch of the supernatural. For most, arcane events are unexpected, created by seemingly mindless manifestations. Some fondly remember these blessed events. Some do not survive the encounter. Most spend their nights shuddering behind barred but useless doors.A few watch helplessly as their minds degenerate into madness.These poor souls are no longer human. They are out there ... immortal and obsessed.Others -- daring magicians and devoted acolytes -- seek out supernatural power and willingly risk corruption. They study arcane tomes, perform strange experiments and cast elaborate rituals. These practitioners manipulate arcane energies and achieve wonderous or horrific results. Some practitioners are solitary and secretive, working in dusty bookshops, deserted buildings or cramped apartments. More than you think operate in state-of-the-art laboratories with substantial budgets. Their machinations affect millions of people, and millions of dollars. The corruptive forces of magic are ever present, however, and many eventually succumb.Some magicians seek power and riches.Others fight baleful forces.A few bring light to an uncaring world.Inside Forsaken Rites: The Supernatural Sourcebook, you will find:New descriptions of Incarnate, ghosts, demons, and other supernatural beings.An extensive grimore of rituals.A history of magic.Several new magical organizations with Credential skills, trainings and pulling strings.New rules for using rituals, exploring supernatural sites and battling corruption.A full adventure investigating a supernatural menace.
Manufacturer: Eden Studios
Manufacturer SKU: 666
Dragons Trove ID: 4046
Type: Supplement
ISBN/UPC: 189115365X
Condition: New
Condition Note: None

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