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Forgotten Realms Adventures


This book contains an update of the AD&D 1st edition Forgotten Realms material to AD&D 2nd edition.

In the Forgotten Realms, the changes between the second and first edition have been explained away by the Time of Troubles, in which many avatars of the gods walked the earth, resulting in many changes of the world.

For example, in the AD&D 2nd edition, Assassins do no longer exist. This system change is explained in the Time of Troubles story. During the Time of Troubles, the assassin's god, Bhaal sucked the spirits of assassins in his own form, killing them.

This book contains:

- Guidelines for converting AD&D 1st edition characters to AD&D 2nd edition;

- An overview of the gods of the Forgotten Realms, and their specialty priests;

- A list of new spells;

- An overview of the cities of the Hearthlands, noting important persons and features, as well as giving a map of each city;

- A description of three secret societies: The Harpers, The Zhentarim and The Red Wizards of Thay;

- A list of treasures to be found.

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