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First Colony (Blue Planet)


A century after it was founded by the Athena Project colonists, Haven remains the heart of the human colonization of Poseidon. This campaign sourcebook brings the colonial boomtown to life in vivid detail. Learn how to survive on the crime-ridden canals of the Floats, and make backroom deals with Russian syndicate gangsters in Gorkytown. Network with the rich and powerful in the Biogene Incorporate arcology, and unlock Poseidon's secrets in the research labs of the Haven Institute of Science and Technology. From the winding, shadowed streets of Old Town to the breathtaking vistas of Watertop, Haven is a city of prosperity, opportunity, intrigue, and danger. This campaign sourcebook contains a wealth of detailed information on Haven and its environs that will enrich any Blue Planet game. Whether you're a player who wants to add depth and detail to your character's background and contacts or a moderator who needs to add a street-level edge to your campaign, First Colony is an invaluable resource. *Detailed descriptions and full-page maps of Argos Island and the city of Haven.*The newcomer's survival guide to the colonial boomtown.*In-depth information about Haven's districts and neighborhoods.*Useful facts about the colonial capital's history, politics, culture, and commerce.*Detailed dossiers on the city's most famous - and infamous - residents.*Dozens of Access Denied adventure hooks and behind-the-scenes storylines.*Four complete and ready-to-play adventure scenarios set in the city of Haven. 

Manufacturer: Fantasy Flight Games
Manufacturer SKU: BP04
Dragons Trove ID: 8305
Type: Supplement
ISBN/UPC: 9781887911320
Condition: Near Mint
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