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Fallout Wasteland Warfare RPG


In the ashes of civilization, warring factions struggle against horrific creatures, irradiated wastes, and human nature itself. Make your way in this hostile world towards the ultimate goal... survival.

The Fallout®: Wasteland Warfare Roleplaying Game brings all the excitement and adventure of the wargame to tabletop roleplaying. Explore the world of Fallout® from sea to glowing sea, encountering factions, settings and settlements from your favourite Fallout® experiences. Your group will make choices that can change the balance of power in the Wasteland, winning you allies or creating bitter enemies the world over.

Threats wait in every blasted street and broken wood. The Vaults are opening. The Brotherhood of Steel are on the march. The Enclave stamp their jack boots, observed from the ruined buildings by lurking Institute synths. Raiders twitch and slash their way along overgrown streets that echo with the roars of Super Mutants. Mutated beasts hiss and stab from their burrows, slinking back from the shadows of prowling Deathclaws. The only hope of making it through to survive and thrive is with your group of companions at your side, fighting to shape this new world - for better or worse.

  • Forge a path through the Wasteland and discover your own stories in the world of Fallout®.
  • A character focused, narrative card system lets you use all Fallout®: Wasteland Warfare cards and items with interchangeable character mats for massive player choice and mutability
  • Stand-alone RPG expansion designed to work with Fallout®: Wasteland Warfare.
  • Guidelines for new and experienced GMs alike, examples of how to run adventures and advice on creating scenarios and campaigns.
  • An introductory campaign Parzival and the Wasteland Knights to get players acclimated to the rules and the world of Fallout® and its denizens
Manufacturer: Modiphius Entertainment
Manufacturer SKU: 51778
Dragons Trove ID: 12935
Type: Core Book
ISBN/UPC: 9781912743278
Condition: New
Condition Note: None

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