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Expanded Worlds (Cypher System)



Where will your campaign take you? What worlds will you build?

The dusty, ruined remains of a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Tha black expanse of a hard-SF solar system. The gritty streets of film noir. Wherever your vision takes you, the Cypher System can take your campaign. Building on the genres explored in the Cypher System Rulebook, Expanded Worlds gives you tailored rules, advice, tropes, and character options for seven setting genres, aling with tools you can use to build any campaign you can imagine.

In Expanded Worlds you’ll find:

Advice, equipment, and new rules for running Cypher System games in post-apocalyptic, mythological, fairy tale, childhood adventure, historical, crime and espionage, and hard science fiction settings.
Character options, setting guidelines, creatures, equipment, artifacts, and more.
Over 40 new foci, such as Changes Shape, Makes Prophecy, Conducts Rocket Science, Hacks the Network, Is Wanted by the Law, Plays Too Many Games, Helps their Friends, and Is Hunted by Moths.
Over 35 creatures and NPCs, including master detectives, midnight scrabblers, cannibals, mad scientists, cryptic moths, glowing roaches, princes and princesses of summer, killer clowns, hydras, and the Father of Monsters, Typhon himself.

Requires the Cypher System Rulebook for play.

Manufacturer: Monte Cook Games
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