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Everstone: Blood Legacy


EVERSTONE: BLOOD LEGACY is a d20 fantasy setting with a touch of sci-fi, fully compatible with BESM d20. For three hundred years the world has been the battleground of the Hollow Lords; god slayers who have broken free of their prison and almost brought the races of mortals to extinction. The Magi of Everstone valley have learned to master their magic and create weapons that allow them to survive and even fight back. Even with their magical technology the Magi are hard pressed to survive against the Lords and their multitude of minions.The Everstone book includes: 10 new customizable character classes, including the Magi, Stormguard, and War Golem; 7 new races; as well as a multitude of magical technology such as the thunder pistol, volt thrower, flying ships, flesh runes, customisable rune weapons and armour, assassin constructs and more. Expand your fantasy campaign with Everstone! A Magnum Opus publication. 

Manufacturer: Guardians of Order
Manufacturer SKU: 02-651
Dragons Trove ID: 5393
Type: Supplement
ISBN/UPC: 1894938518
Condition: New
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