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Elven Lords Deluxe Edition


Gull, the largest city on the isle of Phoron welcomes you once again. The Chamber of Commerce in its vain attempt to shed the terrible image created by the city’s nickname, City of Terrors, bids you ignore the painted barbarians lurking in the jungles surrounding the city. They ask you to forget about the annual pirate raids, and the criminal gangs running cutthroat theft and smuggling rings. You needn’t even worry about the horror to the north despoiling Elven tombs. Gull is an nice town; honest. Truth is, if you wanted nice, you would have stayed at home.

Gull and its environs are once again at their best in this collection of interlocking adventures, now expanded with new paths, characters and dangers by best-selling author Michael Stackpole. This edition (more than double the size of the original 1990 version) includes new art created especially for this adventure by award-winning illustrator Liz Danforth.

Also included is the Tunnels & Trolls Mini-Rules, so you can roll up new characters and play this solitaire adventure without having the Deluxe T&T Rulebook.

This adventure is designed for one character of any type (humanoid or other) with approximately 60 combat adds. You can play either a fighter or a magic-user.

Manufacturer: Flying Buffalo Inc.
Manufacturer SKU: 8403
Dragons Trove ID: 13362
Type: Module
ISBN/UPC: 9780983692973
Condition: New
Condition Note: None

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