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Elemental Companion


Elemental Companion is, the definitive Rolemaster sourcebook for elemental power in an FRP environment. Elemental Companion can improve any game and serves as a major supplement for ICE'S highly acclaimed FRP system, Rolemaster. Supercharge your fireballs but cover up your spell books as the Elemental Companion blasts its way into your FRP campaign!Elemental Companion provides:* Complete guidelines for the manipulation and use of elemental, power and spells.* Dozens of new elemental spell lists and variant professions.* Complete descriptions of a variety of elemental races and creatures.* Six new spell attack tables and four new critical strike tables.* Complete coverage of the elemental planes and the classification of elemental material.* Guidelines for how to use elemental magic as source material in a Shadow World campaign or in your own campaign.Rolemaster gamers now have an entire fantasy world at their fingertips. Shadow World products form a rich fan- tasy environment for the Rolemaster and Fantasy Hero game systems. The self-contained adventures may also be-used as isolated or hidden areas in any Gamemaster's campaign world.The completely reformatted 2nd edition Rolemaster system includes the following:*Arms Law & Claw Law The Rolemaster Arms and Animals combat systems combined in a new, reorganized , volume. These fast-moving rules include individual charts for 30 weapons and critical strike tables, as well as detailed creature attacks for real and mythical beasts. Martial arts. rules also are included.*Character Law & Campaign Law The new version of, the complete character development and campaign guide. Character Law features a unique trait development system | that allows characters to increase their ability in any area of skill. There are no absolute restrictions. Campaign Law, includes handy reference material available to any' Gamemaster: weather, encounter, and price charts, and guidelines for running a campaign in a complex, living world.*Spell Law? The magic system that improves any FRP game! The new edition of Spell Law has over 2,000 spell descriptions based on three realms of power and 15 professions. It provides alchemy rules, spell attack and failure tables, and a unique spell-learning structure.

Manufacturer: Iron Crown Enterprises
Manufacturer SKU: 1510
Dragons Trove ID: 2411
Type: Supplement
ISBN/UPC: 1558060766
Condition: Near Mint
Condition Note: Some cover scuffing, price tag on back cover.

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