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Earthdawn RPG 2nd Ed revised (softcover)


Before science, before history, there was an Age of Legend -- and Legends never truly die... For years, the Name-givers -- those races gifted with the ability to Name, and shape the very magic of the world -- were forced to live in underground citadels known as kaers, while malevolent creatures from astral space, so terrible they could only be called Horrors, ravaged their world. The time of hiding has passed. Now, the Name-givers have returned, and reclaimed their place in the world. The fight is not over. The Horrors still linger in this world -- in the cities and ruins lost during the Scourge. A corrupt Empire seeks to reclaim its provinces, and Name-givers with dark ambitions seek to set themselves up as the new power in the absence of the Empire. In this Age of Legend, only heroes can stand against the soul-rending power of the Horrors, and the dark machinations of those corrupt with power. Become these brave souls, and roleplay in Earthdawn, the Age of Legends. Earthdawn, the fantasy-horror roleplaying game, has consistently been a well-supported system, with more than 25 books by FASA for their original version, and continued by Living Room Games with 7 published supplements for their main rulebook. Living Room Games' Earthdawn Second Edition Core Rulebook returns for a third printing, this time as a hardcover edition, to appease the fans looking for a more durable, collectible version of the manual, and to catch the eye of the newcomer, who may be looking for more out of their fantasy game. Barsaive, the setting where the Earthdawn RPG is focused, is a richly detailed world. The world of Earthdawn is alive, and as the story progresses the sourcebooks keep the player characters at the center of the action.

Manufacturer: Living Room Games
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Type: Core Book
ISBN/UPC: 9780970419118
Condition: Near Mint
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