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Dungeons of Despair


From the pages of Dungeon magazine

The quest for honor and the search for treasure sometimes lead to death and despair.

Herein are featured six adventures originally presented in DUNGEON(R) Adventures magazine:

- Caermor by Nigel D. Findley: True evil walks among the villagers of the Caermor. You must uncover the danger in time to save the village from destruction.

- The Moor-Tomb Map by Jon Bailey: A mysterious map leads you into the perilous Willowmoors and, with any luck, the lost tomb of Dalvan Meir.

- The Cauldron of Plenty by Willie Walsh: The king wants it. The giant has it. Do you have the gall or the guile to take it?

- King Oleg's Dilemma by Lee Sheppard: An Alliance with the dwarves would solve many of King Oleg's problems, but reaching the dwarves is easier said than done.

- Encounter in the Wildwood by Willie Walsh: A trek through the wood pits heroes against a truly monstrous band of brigands.

- Masqueraider by Randy Maxwell: Journey to a haunted valley to find the elusive marauder that threatens the town of Tyrluk.

Dungeons of Despair is a collection of low-level adventures for the ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGONS(R) game. Each adventure stands alone, but any of them can be inserted easily into an ongoing AD&D(R) campaign. They can also be played as follow-up adventures to those presented in Road to Danger, the first anthology of adventures taken from the pages of DUNGEON(R) Adventures.

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