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DSM2 Merchant House of Amketch


In the city of Balic, an insidious new threat to the Tyr region has arisen in the shape of a humble beetle. Magically altered to deliver a psionic malady via their bite, the beetles have been used by templars, slavers, raiders, and worse to neutralize the psionic abilities of their captives and render them docile. In desperation, the Veiled Alliance has called upon your characters to track down the source of the sinister beetles and put an end to them. There's only one problem - the most powerful merchant house of the Tyr region is growing even wealthier from the parasitic trade!

Merchant House of Amketch is designed for four to six characters of 4th to 7th levels. Explore the trade routes and intrigues south of the Estuary of the Forked Tongue, in the heart of the Tyr region! Merchant House of Amketch can be played as a stand alone adventure or as the sequel to Black Flames.

Manufacturer: TSR
Manufacturer SKU: 2421
Dragons Trove ID: 528
Type: Supplement
ISBN/UPC: 9781560766438
Condition: Very Good/Near Mint
Condition Note: Minor box wear. Some corner wear.

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