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Drums Around the Fire


Legends of the Garou

Gaia is in pain. The Earth Mother is torn by the vile talons of the Wyrm, the dragon of destruction. Only Her children can stand before it -- only the Garou, the werewolves, can hope to stop it.

The Garou live in a dying world,, a wilderness ravaged by the forces of greed and corruption. From the heroic Silver Fangs to the techno-savvy Glass Walkers, the 13 tribes use all their powers of spirit and nature to defend the earth.

These are their tales...

At the dawn of history, a Garou hero must fight against the most dreaded minion of the Wyrm... in the heart of a modern city, a Glass Walker learns a dangerous lesson in honor... a young pack fights to save children from the clutches of corruption... to save his people, a Stargazer must discover the secret of a dying bear... a Garou is forever changed by the dark vision revealed in the heat of the unleashed atom...

...these tales and more are told to strengthen the Garou for their final fight: the Apocalypse.

Manufacturer: White Wolf Publishing
Manufacturer SKU: 3400
Dragons Trove ID: 6377
Type: Novel
ISBN/UPC: 1565040589
Condition: Very Good/Near Mint
Condition Note: Some lamination creases on the cover. Price tag on back cover.

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