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Dragons of a Lost Star

Crying the praises of the One God, a mystical young woman named Mina has appeared out of a magical storm and overrun the land with her army of dark-armored knights. The elven land of Silvanesti has fallen prey to their might. The young elf king has fallen prey to Mina’s amber eyes.
Meanwhile, the great dragon overlord Beryl launches an attack against the people living under her rule. As her dragon army swarms the Citadel of Light, Palin and Tasslehoff are forced to flee and are rescued only by the interference of a mysterious person from their past. The elves of Qualinesti must choose between exile from their beloved homeland or death by a dragon’s wrath. Even Goldmoon leaves her people, compelled to follow a growing river of souls that flows northward to a dark and dreaded land.
It seems no one can stand against the powerful and relentless entity guiding the devastating events on Krynn. At last, one lone dragon seeks out an old enemy, vowing at any cost to find the answers to the mystery that is the One God.
Manufacturer: Wizards of the Coast
Manufacturer SKU: 88549
Dragons Trove ID: 9827
Type: Novel
ISBN/UPC: 0786927062
Condition: Near Mint
Condition Note: Minor wear. Lower left corner of back cover has a coupole of small creases.

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