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Dragon Magazine #312


REAVERS OF THE DIVINEAntipaladins aplenty! As a companion piece to "Champions of the Divine" from issue #310, which featured variant holy warriors, this article presents three new variant classes for the unholy.By James JacobsTHIEVES OF WILLThey invade your mind, corrupt your thoughts, and manipulate your actions all without breaking a sweat. Often overlooked, enchanters can be some of the most devious and effective characters in D&D. In "Thieves of Will," you'll get new spells, new domains, and loads of ideas to enhance your enchanter.By Owen K.C. StephensECOLOGY OF THE DRIDERShunned by their goddess for failing in her service, these cursed creatures live on the outskirts of Underdark societies, trying to make their way in a dark and deadly environment. Learn to think like one of these spidery abominations.By Paul LeachTHE EBON MAWTurglas the Insatiable was once a demon lord as great and terrible as Orcus or Demogorgon. You'll learn about Turglas's powers, his fiendish tools and spells, his servants, how his devoted servants operate, and how he plots to regain his place in the hierarchy of demon lords.By Ari MarmellHOLIER THAN THOUSavage Species scratched the surface of monster classes. Now you can play more of your favorite celestials using the creature level rules provided here.By Christopher PerkinsAMONG THE DEADSpecialized necromancers focus their abilities, whether on consuming your soul or warping your flesh.By Michael MearlsASSASSINAn assassin is an effective all-around killer, but these variants are experts in their fields.By Wil UpchurchFAITHS OF FAERÛN: PRAYERS OF THE FROSTMAIDENAuril's worshipers glory in the cold, and these new icy spells will keep your foes shivering.By Thomas M. CostaTHE HEROES OF THE WAR OF THE SPIDER QUEEN, PART 2From New York Times bestselling author Richard Baker, these heroes of his novel Condemnation are ready for your campaign.By Richard BakerTHE PLAY'S THE THINGQuick! To the Internet! Finding a game is easier than ever with the plethora of electronic options available.By Michael BlakeDUNGEONCRAFTDungeon Adventures, Part 4" Dungeoncraft" continues to explore dungeons with ways to make your dungeons weird.By Monte Cook

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Condition Note: Missing poster. Some spine creases and light corner wear.

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