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Dragon Magazine #307


WESTEROS CAMPAIGNby Wolfgang and Shelly BaurVisit the blood and pagentry of Westeros, the world created by George R.R. Martin in his best-selling series, "A Song of Ice and Fire." From the brothers of the Night's Watch to the treachery of House Lannister, Westeros is a world of epic scope filled with danger, deceit, and ancient secrets. This special setting includes a poster-size map of the continent of Westeros, the tools you need to adventure in this amazing world, and a detailed look at the setting's most prominent characters, organizations, and noble houses. Plus, an exclusive interview with George R.R. Martin.THE SILVERSTRIKE GUILDby Christopher CampbellA band of aerial knights dedicated to freedom and equality, the Silver Strike guild features new tools for flying mounts and characters, advice on including aerial combat in your campaign, and new character options for anyone who wants to take to the sky.RISEN DEAD #2by Gwendolyn KestrelThis issue features a sequel to one of last year's most praised articles, and one of the magazine's first survey-driven articles. When readers voted on the undead that they'd most like to see made into templates, they chose the bodak, ghoul, ghast, and scion of Kyuss.3.5 REVISION UPDATEby Ed StarkThe release of D&D 3.5 draws ever nearer. Get the latest on the most important RPG products to be released this year and an early chance to see preview art of the new books.

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