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Doom on the Warden (Metamorphosis Alpha)


An all-new adventure for METAMORPHOSIS ALPHA, the first sci-fi RPG created by James M. Ward in 1976!

In 2290, mankind launched its first colonization ship, the Warden. It encountered a radiation storm and disaster struck. The stricken Warden drifted through uncharted space for over 300 years. Over the centuries, primitive civilizations arose as the ship's human crew mutated. Tribes struggle to survive in a metal world they cannot comprehend.

In Doom on the Warden, humans, mutants, and even wolfoids must fight their way across an untamed and previously undiscovered section of the Warden in time to save their world. The moment has come to repair the Warden and return it on its course - or to disable it forever.

Doom on the Warden includes materials for both campaigns and tournament play. Players may take on the role of mutants bent on stopping the Warden from being repaired; or for the first time ever, they may take on the role of wolfoids.

Since the release of Metamorphosis Alpha, the story of the starship Warden has continued unchanged, but that ends now. Doom on the Warden is the first-ever official Metamorphosis Alpha adventure that continues the story and answers the question... What next?

Manufacturer: Goodman Games
Manufacturer SKU: 4396
Dragons Trove ID: 13214
Type: Module
ISBN/UPC: 9781950783441
Condition: New
Condition Note: None

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