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DLR1 Otherlands

Beyond Ansalon - beyond even Taladas - cut off from the rest of Krynn by distance or circumstance, lie several lost lands with enough excitement and peril to challenge the hardiest adventurer. Far beneath the vastness of Krynn's oceans is Watermere, home to the reclusive Dargonesti sea elves. In their valley on the sea floor, they work, play, explore, and resist the plots and forces of Takhisis, the Dark Queen, whose ambitions to conquer Krynn extend even to the seas and the lands below them. Air-breathers are occasionally brought to Watermere with the aid of powerful magic - sometimes as guests, sometimes as pets, sometimes as prey...which will you be? Silesia is a jungle island with a spine of forbidding mountains running its length. Do the gods dwell among the lofty peaks, as the superstitious natives believe? Or do they just say that because no one who goes to the mountain ever comes back? South of Ansalon, past the Ice Wall for another thousand miles, lies the south pole of Krynn. And there, warmed by lava flows deep below the surface, is the underground world of Chorane. Three human tribes, all descended from the same group of settlers, wage a bitter and never-ending civil war, with evil dwarves and a long-lost offshoot of the kender race rounding out the balance of power. Outsiders should pick their allies carefully, lest they become sacrifices for the great dragons that lair far beneath the pole. Otherlands is a 96-page sourcebook detailing three fascinating, never-seen-before areas on the planet of Krynn, home of the DRAGONLANCE saga, for the ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGONS 2nd Edition game. A full-color map of the Otherlands is also included.
Manufacturer: TSR
Manufacturer SKU: 9278
Dragons Trove ID: 959
Type: Module
ISBN/UPC: 0880388293
Condition: Near Mint
Condition Note: Slight cover wear. Has poster map.

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