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Dead Reign: Hell Followed


This book begins to redefine the zombie genre. It broadens the field of possibilities and expands upon the modern zombie mythos. It is full of twists and surprises I had never imagined. - Alex Marciniszyn, Editor In the wake of the Zombie Apocalypse, survivors find themselves trapped in a living hell. As everyone struggles to survive against the risen dead, some rise up to be heroes fighting for those in need and against all manner of evil - living and dead. Be more than a survivor. Accept the new world and do something about it. 11 new types of zombies, including the Armored Brute, Dead Mound Giant, Seeker and more. 7 New Apocalyptic Character Classes. Masked Lunatics - heroes or madmen? Cults, good and bad, plus other weirdness and dangers. 21 Disasters to complicate survival. Each described with damage stats, penalties and consequences. The most comprehensive information of this type ever presented! Blizzard, Earthquake, Hurricane, Tornado, Toxic Spill, Wildfire, and more. Government enclaves. Could the government or its military still exist? If so, where are they? What are they doing? 8 Government conspiracy theories. Each fuel for creating adventures and building different organizations. Tables for creating government enclaves and their purpose. Abandoned Emergency Relief Centers and the resources they may still have to offer survivors, if they can get to them. Random tables and ideas for adventure. Take your zombie campaign to the next level! Cover by E.M. Gist. Interior art by Nick Bradshaw. Written by Taylor White and Kevin Siembieda. The biggest Dead Reign sourcebook yet.

Manufacturer: Palladium Books
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Type: Supplement
ISBN/UPC: 9781574572377
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