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Dead Reign: Fear the Reaper


Like knights mounted on motorcycles, the Road Reapers travel the wasteland that Earth has become, searching for survivors, fighting zombies and waging war against the Death Cults that threaten all mankind.This epic sourcebook explores the nature of heroes and heroism in the Zombie Apocalypse. It contains the secrets of the fabled Road Reapers, their structure, leadership, missions and purpose, as well as gear and combat notes. Plus a horrifying new zombie known as the Terror Zombie, plus Floaters (zombies in water) and which zombies can swim. Survival is one thing. Can you keep your humanity and be a hero? Comprehensive background on the legendary Road Reapers - zombie hunters and heroes of the Zombie Apocalypse. The Road Reaper Way of Life: Living and fighting on the road. Road Reaper missions, strategies and tactics. The Road Reapers' Code - a guide to being a Road Reaper and hero. Structure and organization of Road Reaper units. Road Reaper areas of specialty and bonus skills. Road Reaper Specializations like the Ex-Con, Road Captain, Scout and Fix-It Man. More zombie-killing advice from Brad Ashley, the notorious leader of the Road Reapers and author of the Road Reapers' Survival Guide. Notable weapons and gear used by the Road Reapers. Stats for snowmobiles and boats. Combat notes and optional character tables. Terror Zombie, an amalgamation of horror fused to a Mock Zombie. Zombies in water and which ones can swim! Many adventure ideas and random tables. Written by Matthew Clements.

Manufacturer: Palladium Books
Manufacturer SKU: 234
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Type: Supplement
ISBN/UPC: 9781574572100
Condition: New
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