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Damnation View

Time waits for no one. The Disciples of the Rapine Storm throw themselves with renewed fervor against the beleaguered troops holding the lines of the East. The New Earth Government desperately searches for a plan to drive the alien insects from their last bastion of safety. Deep within the dark places something ancient and primal stirs, ready to gift the world with its unspeakable presence once again. And somewhere, the children of the fish-god find lost things that were better left lost.This is how the end begins. Welcome to 2086.Discover new breakthroughs that might give humanity a much needed edge "“ but at what cost? Suffer a plague of street crime, eroding the places where people once felt safe. Watch in shock at the lengths the Nazzadi are willing to go to police their own kind. And quietly, something new is born within the darkest pits of the Chrysalis Corporation. Explore a year in the Strange Aeon or lose yourself in the lies and pretend it isn't happening.
Manufacturer: Catalyst Game Labs
Manufacturer SKU: 23002
Dragons Trove ID: 10928
Type: Supplement
ISBN/UPC: 9781934857328
Condition: Near Mint
Condition Note: Price sticker on back cover. Minor ding to upper left corner.

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