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Curse of Hlen


This module is the third and final part of the Panaga trilogy, the first two being The Staff of Fanon and The Lost City of Kiraz. Although these three adventures are linked to create an epic quest, each tale is a separate and exciting adventure by itself. A summary of the past two adventures is included in this module. The following sites are involved:Borin - An Ivinian thran and port in northern Harbaal. The settlement lies at the western end of the Bovoni Trail, one of the few passes through the high Harbalese Alps.Hlen - An outpost of the Kingdom of Jarenmark in northern Hurisea, held by clan Pelstrom. Once a burial ground of Jarin chieftains, an evil curse involving tales of "walking dead" has overtaken this once prosperous Ivinian community. Varaxis - A tortured maze, created by the Gods as a trial by ordeal to settle disputes of the Concordat of the Illimitable Tome. The location of Varaxis is unknown to any mortal, although most believe it to be somewhere between worlds.City of Nascent Visions - A great city in Yashain, fought over by legions of Larani and Agrik for thirty centuries. The city is currently held by Hrak'arak-Dielvin, an ambitious warlord of unknown origin. And Panaga awaits... 

Manufacturer: Columbia Games
Manufacturer SKU: 5063
Dragons Trove ID: 8173
Type: Module
ISBN/UPC: 0920711308
Condition: Mint in Shrink
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