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Cthulhu Now


CTHULHU and the Old Ones remain powerful in the half-century since Lovecraft's death. The globe is well-explored, but the darkness within men's souls in unfathomed. Now human fortunes encompass Cthulhu and the H-bomb too! Does technology aid the struggle for good, or is it helpless against forces from beyond space, beyond time?CTHULHU NOW includes four roleplaying adventures, "The City in the Sea," "The Killer Out of Space," "The Evil Stars," and "Dreams Dark and Deadly." Background essays provide new skills and occupations, up-to-date cash-flow information, an elaborate firearms article (and foldout illustrating contemporary firearms), active and passive night-vision equipment, a survey of forensic pathology from Sherlock Holmes' day to the present (required reading for every serious player), and even a hit location option (useful when lots of bullets must be dealt with). Player aids for the adventures are repeated on perforated pages at the back of the book. 

Manufacturer: Chaosium
Manufacturer SKU: 2322
Dragons Trove ID: 431
Type: Supplement
ISBN/UPC: 0933635478
Condition: Very Good
Condition Note: Pull out is missing. Some dirtiness to cover.

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