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Trial of Blood


At the height of King Conan's reign, when he and his queen had blessed the world with a son and the kingdoms of Hyboria were separated by thin lines of tension and borders that were fragile as glass, there existed a prophecy. The prophecy spoke of the Blood of Atlantis, the true blood of the rulers of the world, which would flow in the veins of a young girl, who would give the fallen continent of Atlantis an heir "“ an heir that would unseat all the kings of men.King Conan's enemies had begun gathering all of the girls who match the prophecy, preparing the one to bear the child that would call up the forces of Atlantis to sack Tarantia and end Conan's reign once and for all. Trial of Blood is the first mega-campaign for the Conan Roleplaying Game Second Edition, placing a group of young adventurers in the path of prophecy and potentially disastrous events that could change Hyboria forever. Taking the characters from their roots as young men and women and hurling them through a series of linked scenarios that will pit them ultimately against the fate of Hyboria itself.Can your group of unlikely heroes possibly change the verdict of the Trial of Blood and save King Conan? 

Manufacturer: Mongoose Publishing
Manufacturer SKU: 7809
Dragons Trove ID: 10459
Type: Supplement
ISBN/UPC: 1906103240
Condition: New
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