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Conan Encounter Cards

The Hyborian Age is filled with dangerous foes and useful allies! This deck contains 54 cards that, each, summarize one character or monster from Conan’s world, including their attributes, attacks, special abilities, and Doom spends. These provide an easy reference for all types of characters including the whole range from Minion, Toughened, Nemesis, Horror, and Undead. You can prepare these in advance or draw randomly for a truly unexpected encounter!

  • A total of 54 full color cards that includes creatures and characters your adventurers may encounter, among which you will find characters from Howard’s fiction, including Conan the Cimmerian himself!
  • Each character card showcases evocative art, all relevant statistics, special abilities, Doom spends (if available), and are complete with a quote from Robert E. Howard’s work.
  • In addition to creatures and characters, you will find quick reference cards on rules on creature categories, using groups of characters, and a definition of special abilities such as Fear or Immunity.
  • Manufacturer: Modiphius Entertainment
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    ISBN/UPC: 5060523343171
    Condition: New
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