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The Complete Monstrous Wizard's Compendium


The Complete Monstrous Wizard's Compendium is a d20 System sourcebook that finally provides all of the rules necessary to create and play a monstrous Player Character. Whether you're running a humanoid from a primitive culture, an incredibly powerful ogre or an evil drow who lives deep below the surface, this book has something for you. Inside are four new base character classes and a dozen more new prestige classes, each designed for the monstrous wizard. There are new races, new classes, new weapons, and new spells. You can play your choice of bugbear, derro, DragonGoblin, drow, duergar, gnoll, half-orc, hobgoblin, kobold, ogre, an orc, or one of two types of goblins or trolls. And if they aren't your cup of tea, you've got your choice of five good races as well! This companion fits well with The Complete Monstrous Fighter's Compendium and The Green Races books, both available now. Dragon Trove ID 6100

Manufacturer: Fast Forward Entertainment
Manufacturer SKU: 2503
Dragons Trove ID: 6100
Type: Supplement
ISBN/UPC: 1932201386
Condition: Very Good/Near Mint
Condition Note: Minor cover wear. Slight cover crease to upper right corner.

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