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Coming of Age in Tekumel


This volume contains three adventures: * Visit the capital of Tsolyánu, mighty Bey Sü, 'The Soul of the World' See the sites: the palaces and temples, the necropolis, the Hirilákte Arena, and more. Attend a banquet at the opulent mansion of a nobleman. Enjoy feasting, gambling, intrigue, and dalliance. Go shopping in the markets. Get into more trouble than you bargained for... * Join the army and see the war in the North first-hand! Swear allegiance to one of the three Imperial Princes vying for the Petal Throne. Visit far-off Píjéna, Milumanayá, and Yán Kór. Join in battle, besiege cities, and win loot and glory! Get into more trouble than you bargained for... * Enter one of the great Tsolyáni priesthoods. Learn the art of sorcery! Study history, theology and other fascinating subjects! Join one of the mysterious temple secret societies. Engage in religious and political intrigue; get into more trouble than you bargained for... More than you dreamed existed...

Manufacturer: Theatre of the Mind Enterprises
Manufacturer SKU: 1002
Dragons Trove ID: 10790
Type: Supplement
Condition: New
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