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Coffin Rock


Coffin Rock- An adventure scenario for Deadlands. A Town Sliding into Hell! The mining town of Coffin Rock, Colorado, is a seething cauldron of trouble. The local soiled doves are a making a killing, some say ghosts walk the streets, and a mad serial killer is on the loose. And there's more, amigo! Lots more.A group of outlaws have hatched a vengeful scheme to get even with the locals, a new preacher is stirring up trouble, and a mysterious shaman foretells dark tidings from the nearby hills. All that stands between the town and more chaos than a twister in Kansas are a posse of strangers still dusty from the trail. Polish up your six-guns, dust off your Hoyle's, Fire up that flamethrower, and get ready for more Weird Western action than you can shake a tomahawk at! Coffin Rock, better hope it doesn't put you in the ground! Coffin Rock is a rootin' tootin' Savage Tale for the award-winning Deadlands RPG. (Deadlands Adventure, full color, softcover, 32 pages)

Manufacturer: Pinnacle Entertainment Group
Manufacturer SKU: 10201
Dragons Trove ID: 10478
Type: Module
ISBN/UPC: 9780981528151
Condition: New
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