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Classic Organizations



"Listen Silver Avenger, we have a riot down here - there must be at least 40 or 50 to a side."

"Stay calm, son. Have you notified the local superheroes?"

"Sir, these ARE the superheroes."

On April 5, more than 30 paranormals, led by the Supreme Soviets, attacked the Sanctuary, which was defended by more than 4 dozen paranormals. When the dust clearerd, the building was destroyed and all these organizations had been changed forever.

A supplement for Champions which updates four Champions organization books, Neutral Ground, Red Doom, PRIMUS and DEMON, and C.L.O.W.N.: Classic Organizations is a must for anyone running a superhero campaign set in the Champions Universe or anywhere else. New Champions players can now use these often hard to find organizations to add to their campaign. Owners of the original products will want to see the updated characters and the changes as well as find out how Glasnost affected Red Doom, where the new Sanctuary has been located, the true nature of DEMON, and much, MUCH more!

Classic Organizations includes:

- Over sixty characters, many of them never seen before and all converted to 4th Edition Champions rules for the first time

- Over thirty-five new scenarios involving the organizations. Enough scenarios to keep the average gaming group playing for well over a year!

- New group write-ups reorganizing the organizations, giving more detail of their pasts and what has transpired since their original publication.

- New bases with full layouts and complete descriptions

- The largest paranormal battle in the history of the Champions Universe - and guidelines on how to involve the player characters.

Manufacturer: Hero Games
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Type: Supplement
ISBN/UPC: 9781558061194
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