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Clanbook: Baali


Inheritors of the First Tribe, the Baali have been despised since cainites became aware of their presence. From their attacks on the Second City to their assaults on the very fabric of reality, the Demons have long sought to uncover the hidden truths of the World of Darkness. While their patrons, the Children of the Outer Dark slumber deep within the Earth, some Baali sing them songs of pain and torment, holding them in blissful dreamscapes filled with the screams of the desperate and the dying. Meanwhile, others seek to awaken the colossi in order to unleash them upon all of reality.

Clanbook: Baali includes:

  •  A comprehensive history of the Baali as told by the clan.
  •  A new theory of the Third, unnamed Baali, that escaped from the Well of Sacrifice at Ashur.
  •  New Merits and Flaws (with Laws of the Night translations).
  •  Two new Thaumaturgy Rituals for Baali Blood Sorcerers.
  •  An Errata for Mind’s Eye Theatre 4th Edition (By Night Studios) for the Baali Clan

                   -Including Merits, new Thaumaturgy Rituals, and a new Technique.

  •  New Concepts for modern Baali in V20.
  •  A Sample Nest of Baali for use in Chronicles or as Inspiration.
Manufacturer: White Wolf Publishing
Manufacturer SKU: 2817
Dragons Trove ID: 2566
Type: Supplement
ISBN/UPC: 9781565042131
Condition: Near Mint
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