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City of Terrors


Welcome to the CITY OF TERRORS. This is the first open-airsolitaire dungeon. It is set in the City of Gull on the sunbaked tropicalisland of Phoron. You come by ship, you disembark and are taken by carriage tothe hotel.

You take a room and tip the clerk 20 gps to make sure thatyour things don't get ripped off. Between adventures, you may drop stuff off inyour room, change your clothing, or exchange your weapons.

Any humanoid creature, be it orc, ogre, or elf may journeyhere. If you happen to be a man-tiger (courtesy of the justifiably infamous KenSt. Andre and the Deathtrap Equalizer Dungeon) you will find what your arelooking for to the east of the hotel.

Magic may be used, but only in the very limited way it isallowed here. If I don't specifically say you can use it, you can't. There arejob openings in Gull - if you sign on, follow the directions at your place ofemployment.

This dungeon was designed with the well-rounded, mid-levelcharacter in mind. However, at times a first-leveler will win out where asuperhero loses. Keep this in mind. IF YOU ARE KILLED AS THE RESULT OF MISSINGA SAVING ROLL, YOU MAY GO TO 4D AND GET ANOTHER CHANCE AT LIFE. If you forgetto go there - and you are not reminded inside - then you die.

At times your rewards will be in technologically advanced ormagical devices. If you recover any of these, they are worth 1000 experiencepoints (e.p.s.) when you leave the dungeon.

Whenver you come to an intersection, you must roll up aWANDERING PERSON ("WP") and figure out what happens to you. The WPsare listed at the back of the book. It is worth your while to read through thatsection before beginning.

There are a couple of places where you can leave the dungeonwithout returning to your hotel. If you do so, you forfeit all the equipment,treasure and what have you which you left behind in your hotel room.

Saving rolls are made on all of the attributes at one pointor another. Unless specified, all saving rolls will be made on Luck, and theyare to be made AT THE CHARACTER'S OWN LEVEL.

You will need dice, the rules to TUNNELS AND TROLLS, andmaybe a deck of cards. Paper and pencil are vital and well.

Good luck. Be wary. The City of Terrors can live up to itsname. Keep your weapon handy, a hand on your money belt, and GO TO 33C TOBEGIN.

Manufacturer: Flying Buffalo Inc.
Manufacturer SKU: 8109
Dragons Trove ID: G1504
Type: Module
ISBN/UPC: 0940244098
Condition: Very Good/Near Mint
Condition Note: Some dirtiness to cover, price tag on back cover. Early printing.

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