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Wilderlands of High Fantasy


EPIC HIGH FANTASY!Home to the City State of the Invincible Overlord and other classic Judges Guild products, the Wilderlands of Fantasy is the ultimate epic high fantasy setting. The Wilderlands of High Fantasy was the first campaign setting ever fleshed out in print for fantasy roleplaying and now Necromancer Games brings this classic Judges Guild setting to d20!THE MOST DETAILED FANTASY SETTING OF ALL TIME!The Wilderlands of High Fantasy Boxed Campaign Set is the definitive Judge's Guide to the Wilderlands. A companion Player's Guide to the Wilderlands, this boxed set is unmatched in scope and detail. This box contains:18 highly-detailed poster maps overlaid with 5-mile hexes covering every part of the Wilderlands!Two Map Books full of hex by hex description weighing in at over 400 pages!Details on more than 3,000 cities, villages, ruins, lairs, islands, citadels, castles and geographic features!Includes Special "Judge's Only"� information such as terrain and encounters, unique geography and random generation tables.New magic items including many powerful artifacts!Over 400 NPCs and unique monsters!No setting ever produced includes this much detail! Dragon Trove ID C8448

Manufacturer: White Wolf Publishing
Manufacturer SKU: 8394
Dragons Trove ID: C8448
Type: Boxed Set
Condition: Mint in Shrink
Condition Note:

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