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Creatures of Chaos 1: Scorpion Men and Broos


Here they are, up from the slime and in from the dark, ready to make life in your campaign just a little bit more uncertain! SCORPION MEN AND BROOS is a collection of 45 Scorpion Men and 54 Broos, all different and all pre-rolled by computer program (right down to the hit locations). Meet 'em in groups or singly, or run a quest right through a Scorpion Men Nest!

Individual background notes on both Scorpion Men and Broos, including advice to Referees on their game deployment, by Greg Stafford.

Campaigners will save hours of preparation: the 99 crafty creatures summarized within provide material for dozens of adventures!

SCORPION MEN AND BROOS is based entirely upon the role-playing game RUNEQUEST! You must have that rulebook to use these characters.

Manufacturer: Chaosium
Manufacturer SKU: SP2
Dragons Trove ID: C067
Type: Supplement
Condition: Very Good
Condition Note: Some minor cover wear, dirtiness to edges of cover. Light staple rust. Spine has split half way.

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