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NeverWorld Box Set


One of the FEW Books of True Fantasy you'll ever need.

We, you and I, live in a sliver of time somwhere in the Third Age. Until now, our nation has lived in cultural isolation. Once, isolation was the key to our survival. Now, the scent of change is on the winds, and the key to survival is knowledge. Each culture on this world has its own secrets in which may lie the key to our continued survival. Along the way there will be danger, monsters, challenges and rewards beyond counting. This is NeverWorld, and it is waiting for your fresh footprint...

The R.O.C. and Roll system!
Combat: realistic with speed, or reflexively advanced!
Hourani book contains Wizardry Magic, the first of 14 schools.
Detailed powers of religious Followers, Champions and Leaders
10 spheres of Metaphysics and an introduction to MetaWorld.
10 step character generation, with all the trimmings!
Monsters can beat you like you stole their cookies...
Every risk taken leads to 8+ possibilities using the Rolling Outcome Chart.
More important than what you do, is why you do it, and who sees you.
Forge up to 12 Masteries for your character from the elements of 120+ skills.
Designed for three types of gamers: Cerebral, Casual and Craftor.
Gamble the results of your character's actions to gain fortune & glory.
Brings your fantasies to life in a virtual environment.
Tweak your career choice with skills from any other profession.
All rules are easily tailored to enhance the GM's style.
This Boxed Set includes:
The Tome of NeverWorld rulebook
Culturebook: Hourani supplement
The NeverWorld GM's Screen
22"x32" Full Color Map
2 custom-printed NeverWorld post-it style notes
10 sided dice
The only True Fantasy Role Playing Game
Players search for individual answers to their existence, and group together for exciting adventure. The "Game Master" tells the interactive story which you can act upon at any moment! This is a game where science will never be more than a mystery, and myth is your key to survival. Every situation you face requires risk, every risk has it's rewards.

After you open the box....
Use the Quick Rules to generate your character in about a half hour. Select your subculture, masteries, and resources.

...find out where you're going and what you need...
Each culture has their own supplies, tools, weapons, armors, services and luxuries. Purchase what you need. Indulge in what you want.

..then choose or lose.
The culture that surrounds you is afraid to risk the unknown. You are one of the few who sees more to life. Learn to survive in your own terrain, from city streets to outbound wilds. Watch for opportunities from mysterious figures, follow the road less travelled, beware the easy reward. Stay true to your Pathway and you will not fail! Let others make your decisions and you will not live...

Manufacturer: ForEver World Books
Manufacturer SKU: 1000
Dragons Trove ID: 435
Type: Boxed Set
ISBN/UPC: 610853010004
Condition: Very Good/Near Mint
Condition Note: Minor corner and box edge wear. Slight indentation to lid. Contents in great shape.

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