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Bushido RPG softcover


Flashing bladework, brave warriors, martial mastery, wise priests, honor, stealthy assassins, demons, magicians, spirits, war -- the stuff of Legends, the Legends of Japan. BUSHIDO is a role playing game that allows you to adventure on the Misty Isles of Nippon.

Players in BUSHIDO design their characters to suit the profession they choose. A skill system is used to determine the character's success in both martial and peaceful endeavors.

Take a break from the Western European and sample the mysterious world of the Far East. Try adventuring in a world where a man's honor and fame are as important as the number of foemen he has slain.

Come follow the code of the Samurai, the Way of the Warrior. BUSHIDO!

Manufacturer: Fantasy Games Unlimited
Manufacturer SKU: 6801
Dragons Trove ID: 5801
Type: Core Book
Condition: Near Mint
Condition Note: Minor cover scuffing.

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