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Bureau 13: Stalking the Night Fantastic


In the early 1860's, the government of the United States established a secret supernatural investigative agency under the cover of the Civil War. Only a few top officials knew of its existence and it became known simply as "Bureau 13." For the next century, the few employees of the Bureau went quietly about their "business" of secretly ferreting out and eliminating the destructive aspects of the supernatural.

So successful were their efforts that the memories of the public dimmed and the fear of the unknown was replaced by awe (and suppressed fear) of the new technologies. Foreign branches of the organization were established in Europe, Africa, and Asia.

The years have passed and worldwide memories have failed. The public has come to believe that magic and the supernatural are the stuff of children's dreams and nightmares. They are wrong.

Bureau 13, now an ultramodern force, more secret than before, fights to stem the growth of ancient magic and the supernatural that threatens the innocent. Wherever the supernatural waits, good and evil, the agents of Bureau 13 will be there but...Evil is growing.

Manufacturer: TriTac
Manufacturer SKU: 3001
Dragons Trove ID: 5309
Type: Core Book
Condition: Very Good/Near Mint
Condition Note: Some minor cover wear. Corners have slight dings.

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