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Boot Hill 2nd edition boxed set


You step from the cool shade of the Long Branch Saloon into the midday heat of Promise City. Loosening your Colt in its bolster, you look down Main Street and spot the leather and denim-clad stranger who called you out. Citizens of the town scramble for cover as they sense the forthcoming battle. The outlaw doesn't look fast enough to match your draw, but... wait! Your keen eyes catch the unmistakable glint of the sun against gun metal from the roof of the dance hall - the yellow coward has a buddy who's going to shoot you in the back! What will you do? Think fast, or you'll be the next resident of... BOOT HILL!

BOOT HILL is the game of role-playing in the Wild West of history and legend. Each player adopts the persona of their character, becoming a shiftless outlaw robbing banks and stages, a renegade half-breed leading Indians on the warpath, straight-shooting sheriff determined to clean up the town, and so on.

Manufacturer: TSR
Manufacturer SKU: 7005
Dragons Trove ID: 4757
Type: Boxed Set
ISBN/UPC: 9780394518756
Condition: Good/Very Good
Condition Note: Box has minor corner wear and indentation. Has dice, rules and map. 17 counters are missing 17. Many have small pencil markings on them.

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