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Boot Hill 3rd edition


A Wild West Role Playing Game from TSR. Set in the American West where the six-shooter is the law, this RPG recreates the adventure of gunfights, cowboys, indians, bank robbers, sherrifs, posses, cavalry, stage coaches, outlaws and good ol' hanging judges.

The rules assume prior knowledge of RPGs and include the basics you'd expect (character creation, stats, fist and gunfighting rules and so on) and are adjusted to suit the genre. The DM is the Judge, skills include Bartending, Wrangling, Indian Contact.

A key feature is that players earn Stature for doing good/legal or bad/illegal things, but only if folk get to hear about it. Shoot a man down in a gulch, no Stature. Shoot him down in the street outside the Saloon, you're famous! Stature affects reactions of NPCs, and high Stature points will draw the young guns wanting to get a rep by shooting you down.

The 3rd edition 128pg softback book from TSR included a A2 sheet with a colour hexmap of countryside on one side and a B&W grid map of a frontier town. The book has a lot of contemporary drawings, and a real feel for the setting. There's a lot of content and background material, and any player that's watched a Western movie could jump right in. A DM could easily set up adventures and campaigns with minimal knowledge just by reading the book through.

Go West, Young Man!

Manufacturer: TSR
Manufacturer SKU: 7005
Dragons Trove ID: 4986
Type: Core Book
ISBN/UPC: 9780880389761
Condition: Very Good/Near Mint
Condition Note: Map still attached. Some slight cover wear and scuffing. One small tear along spine.

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