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Book of the Underworld (13th Age)

The Dragon Empire is a thin slice of land above a vast world with its own rules and rulers: welcome to the underworld!
Will you find adventure or misery in Underland? Treasure or death in the kingdoms of the Hollow Realms? Truth or fatal illusion in the poisoned caverns of the Deeps?
While leaving room for your campaign’s own stories, we’ve uncovered some of the underworld’s secrets for 13th Age:
• The Domain of the Silver Folk, and their embodied underworld gods: She Who Spins in Darkness and He Who Weaves with Joy...
• The Four Kingdoms of the Mechanical Sun, warring over ever-circling golem artifacts that carry an underworld star...
• The mighty dwarven city of Forge, rallying point for the inevitable war to reclaim Underhome...
• Forgotten gods, a gnomish academy of magic, monsters, magic treasure, and more!
You’ll also find rules for traveling in the underworld — which include ways to make travel montages more interesting (and hazardous!) — and advice for GMs who want to create adventures and campaigns set in the world below.
The passage downward lies ahead. A chill wind rises from the depths. Mutter one last prayer to the Gods of Light, set your torches ablaze, and enter the underworld!
Manufacturer: Pelgrane Press
Manufacturer SKU: A21
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Type: Supplement
ISBN/UPC: 9781912324347
Condition: New
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