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Blood is Life, and Blood is DeathDiscover the darkest secrets of maho, the foul magic of the Bloodspeakers! New rules for maho temptation and mass sacrifices, a huge list of more than 40 new maho spells, four Bloodspeaker prestige classes, and details of both the four Bloodswords of Yajinden and the four Masks of Iuchiban!This sourcebook also contains the complete Bloodspeaker adventure, "Written in Blood." Players face off against the servants of Iuchiban, whose influence extends far beyond the lands of the Scorpion, Crane, and Phoenix, into every corner of the Empire. A blood sorcerer has found an ancient secret, and threatens to use it to destroy a clan from within. Defeat the threat of the Ruby of Iuchiban, or watch the Bloodspeaker corruption undermine the throne of Rokugan!Blood will Rise to the Throne A compiled Bloodspeaker history, from Iuchiban to Daigotsu Details of the cult's organization and leaders A complete listing of all maho spells (and 40 new ones!) Statistics for famous Bloodspeakers - including Iuchi Shahai and Jama Suru! Official d20 and d10 game statistics for Iuchiban himself A complete Oriental castle map and area descriptions based on Himeji CastleThe complete adventure is for characer level 5, and includes a floor plan for a major family castle in Phoenix lands. The player must defeat hidden cultists with smarts, magic, and a willingness to bend the rules! Only superior magistrates and stellar swordsmen need apply.

Manufacturer: Paradigm Concepts Inc.
Manufacturer SKU: 2101
Dragons Trove ID: 1562
Type: Module
ISBN/UPC: 193137418X
Condition: Near Mint
Condition Note: Nice copy.

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