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Beyond the Supernatural - 2nd edition (softcover)

Beyond the Supernatural Two builds on the bones of the classic BTS game to create a modern world of horror and magic unlike any before it. The supernatural is real. Psychic abilities and the paranormal are real. Magic is real. Yet science and authority figures dismiss them as hysteria, hoaxes and madness. However, special individuals gifted with special abilities or cursed with firsthand encounters find themselves inexorably linked to the paranormal and forced to deal with the consequences. Some of our heroes are gung-ho psychics and sorcerers who see themselves as humankind's hidden protectors. Others are drawn into the realm of shadows through quirks of fate, or fueled by feelings of revenge. Still others are reluctant heroes and even victims, but all have been touched, in some way, by forces beyond human comprehension "“ Beyond the Supernatural. A contemporary horror setting that makes sense and challenges the players. New P.C.C.s include the Psychic Medium, Diviner, Autistic Psychic Savant, ordinary people and others, all with new and unique abilities. Many of the characters, psychic abilities and magical powers are unlike any Palladium Books has presented before. Characters and powers that will challenge players and bring a new level of strategy and role-playing to the surface. Even familiar characters like the Psychic Sensitive, Healer, Nega-Psychic and others get a face-lift, new powers, and deeper character background. The secrets of the supernatural, ESP, and magic revealed. Victor Lazlo and his lasting legacy: The Lazlo Agency. More world background and guides to adventure.
Manufacturer: Palladium Books
Manufacturer SKU: 700
Dragons Trove ID: 9474
Type: Core Book
ISBN/UPC: 9781574570830
Condition: New
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