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Battletech Second Edition Box Set

A Dark Age has befallen mankind. Where the United Star League once reigned, five successor states now battle for control. The destruction of war has ravaged the once flourishing worlds and left them in ruins. The advancement of technology has not only ceased, but the machines and equipment of the past cannot be produced by present-day worlds. The Succession Wars are fought over water, ancient machines, and spare parts factories. Control of these elements will lead to final victory and the domination of known space.

BATTLETECH: The study and implementation of battlefield technology.

BATTLEMECH: Ranging in height from 7 to 15 meters and weighing 10 to 100 tons, they carry more firepower than a 20th-century tank battalion.

MECHWARRIOR: Brave men and women who are 31st-century knights piloting their 'Mechs into battle. Serving one of the five Houses, or in the employ of a mercenary company or bandit king, these warriors are the most respected and feared individuals in the galaxy.

Now you are a MechWarrior and the time has come for you to go into battle.

In the 30th century[1], life is cheap, but BattleMechs aren't.

BATTLETECH is the second edition of BATTLEDROIDS
Manufacturer: FASA
Manufacturer SKU: 1604
Dragons Trove ID: 2169
Type: Boxed Set
ISBN/UPC: 0931787645
Condition: Very Good/Near Mint
Condition Note: Minor box wear and scuffing, small price tag mark to upper left corner. Counters are unpunched. Dice are present. Heavy cardstock maps. Rulebook in nice shape.

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